Feel Good In A Clean Car at on-site Sparkling Image Car Wash

FREE Car Washing… ALWAYS

After your oil change, visit our on-site Sparkling Image car wash to enjoy a complimentary Exterior Sparkling Shine Car Wash.

Our best exterior wash features a protective ceramic sealant that “Seals In the Clean” during the car wash, and delivers a deep and enhanced shine, with no extra time…and it includes our #1 wash! “Feel Good In A Clean Car” at our Sparkling Image Car Wash.

Exterior Sparkling Shine Car Wash

Free Wash Includes:

  • Ceramic Sealant
  • Extended Shine
  • Hot Wax
  • Rain Repellent
  • 5-Day Guarantee (Exterior Wash)
  • Wash 
  • Underbody Wash
  • Lava Waterfall
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Tire Shine
Ceramic Sealant

Ceramic Sealant

Full Service Car Wash and Towel Dry



Hot Wax

Underbody Wash

Underbody Wash

Rain Repellent from Sparkling Image Car Wash

Rain Repellent


Wheel Cleaner